• DroneED101

    With more than 3,000,000 Drones hitting the airways a year, people need training. Our DroneED 101 interactive event will educate new drone operators the safe way to fly while learning the FAA rules for proper Drone use. DroneED 101 is a six hour, fully self-contained event. Participants will get the opportunity to fly a drone while learning all the necessary guidelines.
  • Bongo Ball Mania


    Where paintball can be too messy and capture the flag is too boring, Bongo Ball Mania is frantic, exciting, and great clean fun. Two teams of four don protective gladiator armor and dodge through, under, and over obstacles while trying to capture the opposing team’s flag.  Each player takes turns firing the Defender Air Cannon (loaded with Nerf balls) at the opposing players trying to steal their own flag.  Bongo Ball Mania always is a huge source of manic, breathless fun. Bongo Ball Mania can be played indoors or outdoors, and only requires the space of a standard basketball court.

  • Battle Ball


    Battle Ball is the newest event to come out of the creative team at CEP Incorporated.  This craze has already become huge in Australia as well as some parts of Europe where there are professionals leagues.  The game is six hours of non stop fun and we are sure you will love it just as much as we do.

  • ZORB 360


    ​Zorb 360 is a mecca of orbital fun, Three events in one.  Race in the Human Zorb down a 75 foot track and see who is victorious while you run, push, and tumble to the finish line. 

    Get into the action with Battle Ball.  Play five on five Battle ball soccer, each participant wears an inflatable orb and pushes, bounces, tumble and flips their way to the goal for a hilarious victory.

    ​Bongo Ball Mania always is a huge source of manic, breathless fun. Bongo Ball Mania can be played indoors or outdoors, and only requires the space of a standard basketball court.

  • ZORB Racing


    360 Racing is a fun and hilarious event. Race down a 75 foot track, bumping Into each other to see who’s victorious while you run, push, fall and flip head over heels to your victory, or defeat. If you want a fast, fun and easy event to bring to campus that’s a sure hit? 360 Zorb Racing is it.

  • Black History Month Game Show

    ​*NEW* Lamar-State-College-Port-Arthur LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION

    Our Black History Month game show is a must have for all campuses. Picture this a real live Hollywood set and game show host featuring questions and answers surrounding black history. It’s fun, fast paced and educational for all. 100% crowd participation, trivia based, cash prizes that will keep the students on their toes.  – LIMITED AVAILABILITY

  • Intensity Game Show


    Intensity is a full audience participation trivia based game show that includes a cash prize. This event challenges the participants in the areas of education, discipline, guts, and all-out willingness to have some fast-paced fun. 

    The Rivalry Game Show can be developed for a variety of different themes and school rivals will lend itself well to this chaotic game show bliss.  The difference from Rivalry Game Show and the Rivalry Live Game Show is that this event is for your students to have competition in house and the Live Show are two schools competing against each other.

  • Ultimate Blowout Show 4


    CEP Incorporated has created the Ultimate Blowout Show for your next event.  This is a great deal that incorporates four amazing events from CEP Inc., Bling Nation, Headliners, American Pop Star and XBOX Domination Extreme.  Your attendees can experience the fun of being showered in Bling for their event.  They get to create their own music video with American Pop Star by recreating the video from their favorite artists or they can make a funny video with Headliners.  Last but not least with XBOX Domination Extreme the competition becomes fierce where your attendees can compete in several different games from Halo to Dance Dance Revolution on multiple large screens.

  • XBOX One Domination Extreme

    This event is for the novice looking to have some fun, or the most serious gamer ready to dominate any competitor in their path.

    Ultimate gaming package will includes 2 games system of each:





  • American Popstar

    Now students can become a part of their favorite music videos as we put you and your friends in with our special effects.  Shake your hips and gyrate with Beyonce, or slip away into the background of Taylor Swift’s latest hit.  After all is sang and done, you will have up to four DVDs from our self-contained mobile recording studio.

    Helping produce epic lip sync popstar, students are outfitted with small props and costumes.





  • C-MAX 30


    ​Do you remember watching Indiana Jones in the front of your Gremlin with your date, munching popcorn and sipping cola as the speaker box static rattled the window?  Well, we don’t either and since all the drive-in movie theaters are gone…wait, or are they?  C-Max 30 is your hey-day, drive-in, movie(s) of your choice that will make you nostalgic… without the annoying speaker boxes and now with surround sound! Included with the C-Max 30 is: 30 ft Front or Rear Projection Screen 6000 Lumen Barco Super Projector 6000 watt surround sound system ​FM Transmitter (to listen to the audio over a radio)

    "Good Morning! Just wanted to let you know that Andy, Rose, and Bob did an outstanding job at Labette Community College yesterday. They were knowledgeable but more importantly they were extremely friendly to our students and made the event welcoming to all who stopped by." 

    ​-Labette Community College

  • EDM Music Video Dance Party

    This party won't end until you say it does. This EDM dance party is a complete beat mixed music video show hosted by our acclaimed National Artist DJ Sanouk, spinning the latest EDM, Electro House, House, Trance, Progressive House, Trapstep, & Dubstep & Club Top 40 Remixes, and more! These beats have been brought through numerous festivals, concerts, after parties, and private events for some of the greatest to have graced the scenes. 

    This performance artist's versatility showcases suave mixing with precision scratching. DJ Sanouk has control over the crowd that makes security teams seem virtually pointless. Focused with an unrelenting determination and a true showman's instinct, DJ Sanouk will always have people moving. This themed production includes enough special effects, props and backgrounds that as a whole new visual atmosphere with a hopping rhythmic audio wave of are that won't have anyone sitting down for hours. 

  • X-Treme Zipline

    *NEW* Ottawa U. Letter of Recommendation

    X-treme Zip is one of the most exhilarating experiences available in the market today. Get Ready to FLY! The rider is able to take a heart pounding leap of faith and zip 120 feet to the end. This adrenalin rush is sure to be a huge hit at your next event. Six hours of non-stop action and the first Commercial Mobile Zip Line available.


  • Xtreme Bongo Ball Mania

    From the original creators of the Award Winning Bongo Ball Mania. We’ve just taken it to a new level. Imagine adding more players, more inflatable barriers and adding a stationary rapid fire air cannon for each team. 

    Two teams of five don protective gladiator armor and dodge through, under, and over even more obstacles while trying to capture the opposing team’s flag, now protected by stationary rapid fire air cannons.  Each player has a Defender Air Cannon (loaded with Nerf balls) firing at the opposing players trying to steal the others flag.  X-treme Bongo Ball Mania is always a huge source of manic, breathless fun. Things are about to get CRAZY! 

    Ask about the Inflatable arena option.

Health Awareness Events

  • Aware TXT


    In a recent study, 89% of American adults believed that texting while driving is “distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed.” PEER Awareness is a health and wellness company based in Grand Rapids, MI, and we are proud to be residents of the state paving the way for legislation on texting while driving. Senator Granholm signed into law the state’s ban on texting while driving on The Oprah Winfrey Show, giving massive national attention to the serious issue. There are now 48 states which ban texting while driving. ​

  • DUI Simulator


    Our Award-Winning DUI Simulator uses the most cutting-edge technology to help students across the country be responsible drivers. ​Our Reality Check: Alcohol Abuse Awareness program is designed to help students learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse in a fun, interactive game-show environment

  • Reality Check Game Show

    Reality Check is a fast-paced trivia program that gives students a chance to show off their knowledge in an elimination-style program. Questions involve some current events, pop culture, and random facts, as well as a strong emphasis relating to drug and alcohol awareness. This program makes a real lasting impression on students; through interactive play, team building, competition, and sheer fun, we bring a memorable, healthy learning experience while being excitingly entertaining.

  • Reality Check Ttitle IX


    CEP Inc. has developed the "Reality Check TITLE IX Prevention Program. It will challenge and engage students in a 60-minute teamwork competition.  Students will use our Audience Response System to compete to be the most informed team.  Using our game show format, through physical stunts, through-provoking questions, and answers, students are educated in a non-intrusive manner. Reality Check Title IX Prevention Program is already a hit and will become your Go-To educational tool to address this important topic.